The word "expert" is an interesting one. It denotes someone with a high level of skill and experience in their field. It also, as you've said, is a hint that someone is "done" - they've climbed their mountain and are standing at the summit.

Personally I believe it's not a word anyone should give themselves. You're only truly an expert if lots of other people in your field believe you are.

I prefer to call myself a specialist, not an expert. Being a specialist does not preclude continuously learning and growing. It's more like farming a plot of land than climbing a mountain. The former takes work and effort, and you can get more and more out of your field.

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There has been a significant shift in commitments by countries and companies across the world. This shift has involved the commitment towards “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions.

In short, this means that there are now commitments to transition to a future where human activity will no longer cause increases in the…

“Wow, I wish I could do that. You’re so lucky”.

Last year I was having a coffee meeting with a former student of mine. …

The news media has been full of doom and gloom on the energy front in recent times.

Electricity and gas prices have been rising precipitously. The reasons for this are manifold, but include:

  • Bitter ideological battles in Canberra and our state capitals over energy and carbon policies;
  • The commissioning of…

A few years back I read a wonderful two-part piece on procrastination by Tim Urban on

Tim wrote about an aspect of procrastination he called “the dark playground”. Read the linked piece to learn about it, but in summary it’s the tasks which are not important and not urgent…

Recently we attended the Unearthed Data Science event in Melbourne. A gold mining company — Newcrest Mining — provided operating data for a number of its plants, with the aim that some of the teams attending could provide useful solutions grounded in Data Science.

One particular system caught our eye…

Around the middle of last year, I came across a blog post by Deepmind, a London-based artificial intelligence company owned by Google.

As a long-time energy efficiency engineer, the prospect of anyone gaining a 40% improvement in their energy use sounded incredible. I had to know more.

Google, like all…

I was able to recover my lost notebook. Here’s how I did it.

I love Evernote. It has become as second brain for me, recording and indexing all the pieces of data I would normally have scattered in paper or across my hard drive.

I was tidying up my Evernote…

Batteries are getting a lot of attention these days. It wasn’t that long ago that they were just something that were not included in your kid’s latest toy.

Now batteries look like they will help transform our world. Small batteries allow our mobile devices to operate well away from the…

In 2015, my first engagement after forming Sustainable Services was to coordinate and lecture the University of Melbourne Design Project in the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. …

David T. Kearns PhD

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